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  1. Celeste
    Celeste at |

    There is a Vietnamese restaurant on Main St.
    just past 25th.
    I often went there for lunch (spring rolls)
    I laughed because the waiter always greets loudly and sometimes with, “hello my darling”.
    I really enjoy your blog writing.
    It has really kept me connected to Vancouver.
    I am counting the days until we return.

  2. Jules
    Jules at |

    I used to eat here all the time when I worked up the street. Not sure if they are still the same owners, but the food was always really fresh and they were always very good to us.

    The lemongrass chicken is delicious.

  3. binh
    binh at |

    Jules, we took over as the new management since December 2007. If you’re in the area, please drop by again.

  4. Cassandra
    Cassandra at |

    Hey Degan….I have a lunch for 4 I won for this a while ago, so let’s get some people together and go again! Looks descent.


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