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I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Michi Sushi lately but when I actually got around to checking it out, I realized how close I’d been to walking by it several times already. It’s a tiny little place off Granville and Broadway that does have a couple of chairs for eating in, but everything from the bright green interior to the uncut sushi rolls (for greater portability) and disposable soya sauce containers shows that this is a place clearly designed for busy pedestrian traffic.

And how great to know that when you’re rushing to catch the bus, you can know that you’ll still be able to eat something healthy. The ingredients are fresh and the rolls are made with brown rice, so while you may not have time to savor it, you at least can be assured you’re scarfing down goodness.

I had a miso soup ($1.25) with the 3-roll combo ($9. Individual rolls range from $3.25 to $3.50) of  Ebi mayo, spicy tuna and unagi. All were tasty, although it took a minute to get used to the unconvential manner of eating sushi this way. That is to say, without wasabi, ginger or chopsticks. A little resealable soya sauce is provided, but because the rolls are uncut, you need to develop a sauce > bite > sauce approach that means less mess, less packaging and less waiting around. Sounds good to me.

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Michi Sushi
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  1. elliot

    this looks awesome – 2 blocks from home, and on my route. I never thought to stop in.

  2. shokutsu

    Thanks for the glimpse into the product offered here. Have passed by many times at night when its been closed and had wondered what their food looked like. I suppose the roll format is more familiar to North Americans who have some exposure to Japanese food, but if they really wanted to make it convenient, they would have gone with the onigiri (rice ball) style instead. Not sure how Vancouverites would respond to that though. I think people always think that more is better. 🙂

  3. ddrucker

    Note that for dessert (when the weather gets warmer) the frozen yoghurt place that’s about the same size (and style(!)) next door is a good bet.

  4. Jason

    did you quit the website?

  5. ibelieveher

    OOO but do you know about happy hour at michi sushi?! i think it starts at 4:30pm or something and all rolls are half price. yes – i have lingered outside the windows counting down the minutes until happy hour, lol.

  6. Nolwenn

    I’m in front of the store EVERYDAY and didn’t try it yet. Argh !


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