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Blue Fox

There are things that warp and change in memory, so that that they startle you when you meet them again, so far changed are they from the original. But the Blue Fox Cafe is just exactly as I remember it; friendly staff, fabulous French toast, colourful quirky decor and and the ever present enormous line up.

We had come to the island for a bit of a getaway, to see some people, check out some restaurants and visit Munro’s books. I was planning to also sneak in a dive on the Breakwater or a visit to the Royal BC museum if I was able to but it had been so long since I last visited that I tried to keep my list short. That said, Blue Fox was not negotiable, so after walking the dog on Dallas Road we headed over to join the sidewalk party.

Blue Fox

It’s not a bad wait, honestly, and certainly worth it even though we were starving. You have some time to peruse the menu and look over the rugs on sale next door. And then you are whisked inside where there is colour everywhere and the place smells amazing and food is coming out of the tiny kitchen seemingly every second.

Eggs benny

Even with all that time to look over the menu, I still wasn’t sure if I wanted the Moroccan chicken eggs benny or the stuffed French toast. The benny came with Moroccan-spiced free run chicken breast, sautéed brown button mushrooms & onions, palm date apple chutney, and Moroccan spiced hollandaise whereas the French toast I had my eye on was cinnamon scented with vanilla bean sour cream sauce, navel orange segments, roasted pecans and Triple Sec syrup! I feel certain that you understand my dilemma here. In the end I went with the benny and didn’t look back. It was AMAZING!

They have a pretty significant gluten-free menu and are very careful to mention all the possible places that cross-contamination could occur – something we have come to be grateful for – so Matt was in luck and ordered the Migas & Amigos. It’s a fairly typical meat and eggs brekky spiced up – eggs scrambled with jalapeño jack cheese then avocado, salsa fresca, chorizo, panfries and (gluten-free) toast. Then we rolled our big …smiles back to the hotel.


The Blue Fox is at 919 Fort Street, in Victoria.


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