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Peru: Maido


Peruvian cuisine has many elements to it; fruit from the jungle, fish from the Pacific, and potatoes and quinoa from the Andes. Layered over that are the many influences from across the globe that have settled in locally. Chifa – Chinese food…
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Japan: Kyubey Sushi (Tokyo)


I had the best sushi I’d ever had at Sushi Dai and that lasted a little more than a day before I had the best sushi of my life AGAIN at Kyubey. So far that record hasn’t been broken and it’s…
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Japan: Sushi Dai

Spanish mackerel

It’s a long standing tradition to go for sushi breakfast in Tsukiji market after visiting the tuna auction.  Foodie camps are divided between Sushi Dai and Daiwa sushi, conveniently located two doors down from each other in Building 6. Myself, I had…
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