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My name is Degan Walters. I have been writing on again and off again on the internet since 2001. This particular blog started as Ethnic Eats in 2008 and over the years has come to include restaurant reviews, recipes, cocktails and wine, food philosophy, lifestyle, travel and the occasional product review too.  I named it SmokySweet because I love that combination of flavours; Scotch whiskey, Bourbon whisky, lapsong souchong tea, smoky salsaPinot Noir, barbecue, smoked salmon, and what have you. I’m a recent vegetarian but I do eat fish and seafood as long as it’s sustainably caught.

I love food and drink, not for the molecules that make them up but for the way they bring people together, no matter what the culture. In fact one of the things I love best is the myriad ways that cooking, eating, drinking, gathering water, hunting, foraging, etc. is a part of daily life and I soak up these details wherever I go. In addition to this blog, I’ve had both long stints and guest blog posts at various other places around the internet but for now you can also find me writing about non-food related things at or on social media; tumblr, twitterFacebook, instagram, and Google +.

All my opinions on this blog are my own, however I do attend wine tastings and dinners, as well as review cookbooks and products. If your company or brand has a product, destination or event that you would like me to cover, please email me. I enjoy the opportunity to share my experiences with my readers.

NOTE: I am no longer updating this blog. It is for historical information only.


Riley is my head recipe tester and steadfast pan cleaner. She will eat literally anything but her favourite foods are peanut butter, tofu, broccoli and pepperoni pizza.


Matt is the bartender and cocktail creator in our house, occasional photographer and prep cook and general travel companion and good sport about about traipsing all over the world to eat delicious things. He is celiac and a super-taster (so the recipes on this blog often reflect his tastes) but his favourite foods are grilled cheese sandwiches, scrambled eggs and jalapeño / olive / and spinach pizza.



  1. Paula Kelly

    I haven’t been to your site for a while but it looks GREAT!!

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    1. Degan Walters (Post author)

      Thanks Tanya, sounds great. I will email you.


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